In a Funk? How to get out of it; A 3 Part Series, Part 3: A Funk State of Mind

A Funk State of Mind

“The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.” 
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Welcome back to my 3 part series of “In a Funk? How to get out of it”. We’re about to dive deep into the conclusion of this series with Part 3: A Funk State of Mind. Let me start off by saying this was tough! This was probably the most challenging blog to write so far because I spent days trying to make sure I was able to get my thoughts out there in a way that made sense. It’s tough to be vulnerable enough to share my own personal thoughts and feelings to people that know me in person as well as to an internet full of strangers. I want to share the way I feel sometimes and what I do to overcome those negative feelings because, as I’ve previously stated, the purpose of my blog is to hopefully inspire people in some way or another whether it be opening up about your own thoughts on the topics I cover or that you take something from these writings that might can help you in your personal struggles.

A Funk State of Mind
I’ll admit that the worst type of funk to be in for me is a mind funk where i’m constantly overthinking or having negative thoughts, I’m sure I’m not alone on this. Here’s one thing that puts me in a..not great mood; Running multiple businesses and devoting my time and efforts to a million other things, I tend to wear myself thin which really takes a toll on my mental state. Not in a detrimental way but I begin to shut down and stop taking care of my responsibilities which can then skyrocket anxiety which I fortunately don’t regularly deal with. It’s a pattern: I take on a fun new job or task, I don’t think about how much time and attention it would require and with my other current activities I realize I can’t devote myself to this new thing as needed, I try to make it work anyways, I start to feel the pressure weighing in, I have a breakdown which causes me to not put much effort in to my other obligations so I end up letting people as well as myself down, everything is calm for a while then the cycle restarts. It was this way for a long time and I still allow myself to fall back into the cycle occasionally but I’ve learned ways that allow me to make better decisions when it comes to what needs to be done to be efficient.

Having the feeling that I’ve disappointed someone by letting them down in some way is not a great feeling at all [@ all my people pleasers out there, you know what I mean] so I’ve learned to ask myself when I’m approached with something new “Do I have the time and availability to devote to this as necessary?” or “Is this something I will be able to accomplish without it interfering with everything else I have going on?” When I decide that it’s not the right time to take on another project the initial rejection sucks but the self reminder that it’s for the best and that hopefully another opportunity will come my way in the future give me peace of mind. This also tends to motivate me to work towards being able to do whatever it is I was contemplating taking on.

Learning how to say “no” is a big one and a hard thing to do. It’s tough to say no to things that sound fun or might could help me in my career but I have to remind myself that there will come another opportunity if I continue to work hard. Though, I don’t just outright say no to opportunities that come my way- I also had to learn to ask for what I want if I really feel like I could benefit from the experience. So if someone does give me what sounds like a great opportunity but I might not be available to take it on I’ll think about what I could do to make it work or see if it’s a standing offer that I could revisit when the time is right. Sometimes I might be able to sacrifice something I’m already doing but I again have to thing about how important my current obligations are and weather or not I could take time away from them.

There’s really no one ‘cure’ for having a funk state of mind because there are so many ways you could categorize the funk you’re in. Some choose to consult counselors and therapists for different reasons, which I have considered in the past to just have an unbiased opinion and point of view to help me come to better understandings in tough situations. Others with diagnosed disorders such as anxiety and depression might be on medication, which could very well help in their situation but I’ve personally never felt the need to have something more than just a change of mind. What I have found that works best for me is to just practice having a more positive state of mind, and not only that but to actually give things more thought than just making decisions and coming to conclusions on a whim. Even if I can’t change something coming to peace with the fact that I can’t and deciding to let my negative emotions go to exchange them with a positive outlook gives me a sense of power. Changing up my routine has also helped me. I’ve picked up working out a few days a week and knowing I’m doing something good for myself as well as physically helping my body stay in a healthy shape gives me great motivation. I choose to listen to inspirational and comedic podcasts which fills me with spirit to pursue things I’m interested in. The most effective thing for changing my mood is actually thinking about those things in my life that I have or things I can look forward to.

We all deal with different things and I am in no way trying to tell you what to do with your own personal struggles. As I continue to mention, because I want to make it clear, I just want to share what I go through and how I decide to handle my situations to maybe get others to think about things that can be done in their situation. So I’ll leave you with some brief pieces of advice for different things that I actually struggle with from time to time. Feeling bad because you’re broke? Put in the effort to start money saving tactics. My bank offers a $1-$4 transfer based on how much I swipe my card and I’ve managed to save more than $300 over time. There are tons of easy money saving tactics for every financial situation you can check out on Pinterest! Feeling bad because you aren’t living the lifestyle you see on social media? First of all, you shouldn’t compare yourself to Instagram models, but if you want to give your self positive motivation start working out or get your hair done! Do something that gives you a boost of confidence. Refer to parts 1 & 2 of this series for a more in depth view of my responses to being in a funk because of skin issues and being in a fashion funk due to an outdated or overused wardrobe. Feeling down in general? Go for a walk. Get some fresh air and sunshine. Ask a friend to join you but don’t rely on others to create your own happiness, creating your own happiness starts with YOU. Feeling stressed because you’ve got a lot on your plate? Take a step back and consider what you could do to give yourself a break and relieve some stress. If you really feel like you can’t get out of your head with negative thoughts visit with a professional that might could help in your particular situation because therapy is okay. At this point I’m babbling, but I hope I provided some topics to get you thinking about ways you can naturally get yourself out of that funk state of mind without allowing yourself to get too deep in to those nasty negative thoughts we all hate.

I appreciate that you’ve made it this far on this particular blog post because re-reading it I do tend to jump around a bit and there is so much more I could say. I encourage you to change your mindset when you’re approached with a tough situation and perhaps to try something new like changing up your routine or doing something for yourself to help you live a more mentally positive life. You only have one life, don’t waste it dwelling on the negative.

Sincerely, Kat

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