2020 Resolution Check-In

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

I chose the quote above because this year so far has been all about change for me so the quote has deeper meaning than just the simple words you see on your screen. Over the holidays I had a lot of time off which I spent mostly at home alone being lazy so after a few days of having that ‘I feel depressed but I don’t know why’ feeling I decided to change things up a bit. Blogging is still new to me so I’m trying to make it more of a priority to share things here but since I never did a 2020 Resolutions post highlighting my goals for the new year I’m going to talk about some of the changes I consider my resolutions and explain how I’m going about these changes, how they have impacted my life and weather or not I’ve been good about keeping up with them.

This year I’ll be turning twenty-five (quarter of a century, I know..I’m getting old). Naturally with aging, our skin and bodies change. Over the past few years my skin hasn’t been at its best. I always look for quick fix treatment but had to come to terms with the fact that it was going to take hard work and perseverance to get my skin looking more healthy. So drinking more water became one of my resolutions because I hardly drink water at all. Water is practically the elixir of life, our bodies need water to survive and thrive so I decided to stop withholding my body of something it really needed. So far I’ve definitely been drinking more than I usually do but not nearly as much as I should. My body will become more used to the higher amount of water intake so I foresee this being a positive change for a healthier lifestyle and physical appearance. I also took some time to research skin care products for specific issues that I personally deal with (Check out my blog post here about those issues and what I’m doing to improve them). In short, I’m trying to make a better habit of sticking to a skin care routine like taking my makeup off at the end of the day, applying the correct products that will actually improve my issues and hydrating my body with more water.

One of the biggest things that puts me in a negative mood is having a living space I’m unhappy with. Don’t get me wrong, I love having my own space, but I’ve allowed it to become cluttered with random things and haven’t put much effort in to updating the house (built in the 80s with 5 different kinds of wall paper) so this became one of my main focuses. Things wont change unless you do something about it. As far as the wall paper and renovation updates the house needed I wasn’t able to do much there because stuff like that costs money, and sometimes a lot of it but what didn’t cost money was cleaning and decluttering. Every other week or so I’ll spend some time going room to room and just looking at the items I have, if it has no future purpose or has just become obsolete I put it in a box for Good Will. Doing this has helped me create so much space, I feel like I have more room to breathe and the openness gives me sort of a satisfying feeling. I am most definitely one to let laundry and dishes pile up but so far I have managed to keep up with both- washing then drying laundry, separating and immediately putting it up and dishes have been making their smooth cycle from the sink to the dishwasher and back to their home in the cabinet. I have to say I am so proud of the effort I have been making in my home because I do feel better in so many ways reminding myself that the change starts with me.

One of the biggest stessers of life is money. I chose to be an entrepreneur so I put a lot of money (most of it personal) in to purchasing things I needed to run my business over the last few years. For the most part the investment has been worth it but there is always something that needed to be bought or paid for. I was focused on adding and updating things to my company so much so that I was okay with ‘scraping by’ paying for personal bills and normal life things like my car note, gas and groceries without having any extra money for cushion. In the moment I didn’t think much of it but looking back I am kind of glad I made the purchases I did, even though I would classify my financial state in that situation as struggling, moving forward in to this new year any money the company makes will be able to stay with the company and saved, I’ll also be saving a lot of personal money too. My goal this year is to really think about purchases before I make them asking myself “Do I really need this?” and “Do I need this right now or can this purchase wait?”. I’ll have more money to put towards things like personal care and home updates, it’s almost like a chain reaction that will lead to self improvement!

My final goal going in to this new year is to spend more time with people I care about, including myself. I used to feel guilty for taking an extra long bath or deciding to do something I enjoy over doing work on my computer because it made me feel anxious that I wasn’t paying attention to my workload, this is because I’m a notorious procrastinator. I would put off work for any reason and when the deadline approached I’d worry and work myself in a rush until it was done. I’ve recently been good about getting work done early so I can not only relax my body during me time but also my mind. My former bad procrastinating habit also did not allow me to spend time with my best friends or even time with my close family because I was either working or had something I needed to work on. So far I have been able to go out for drinks and girl time with my friends and I have been able to spend more time focusing on the people in my life without being side tracked about work related things. The people you surround yourself with can be inspiring and can also have an impact on your personal attitude so if you’re feeling sad or down hang out with an up-beat friend, if you need a little inspiration visit with a friend who might talk about some of their achievements or ways they find success which can grow your desire to work on whatever it is you may feel needs attention.

A lot of the things I discussed in this blog I have mentioned or elaborated on in previous posts so I encourage you to take a look at some of those if you’d like to read more on these subjects. I hope you found inspiration in my words and I hope your year is filled with positive thoughts and an abundance of success!

Have suggestions for a topic you’d like me to cover in my next blog? Send me an email or leave a comment!

Sincerely, Kat

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