Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

This sleepy princess has always been one of my favorites. I mentioned in my Belle blog that I didn’t really grow up watching Beauty and the Beast so I never had a personal connection to Belle as a child, it was probably because I spent most of my time watching Sleeping Beauty. Aurora was always the most beautiful princess to me. As a young child I wanted to grown up to have long beautiful blonde hair, being so young I thought it was possible but I had very dark brown hair, and still do, so clearly that didn’t happen.

I really enjoyed her whole story from the featured villain and her good fairies to the romance between her and her prince. To me, Maleficent had such an interesting look and her magic was intriguing. Her good fairies had three different personalities which was entertaining to watch, and I always thought her Prince was handsome and dashing. I actually think my husband looks a lot like Prince Phillip so I’d like to think I’m living out a fairy tale just like her story and like I hoped I would when I became an adult. One of my favorite scenes was when Briar Rose was dancing and singing in the forest with her woodland friends before she met Prince Phillip. The way Aurora talked and sang was just so soothing to me, and the animation of her dancing was so graceful. She truly was, and still is, the epitome of beauty in my eyes.

Growing up I didn’t really ever have a favorite color over all other colors because I just enjoy colors and colorful things in general, but I think I was just naturally drawn to the color pink. Aurora is one of my most favorite characters to be because not only do I get to have that long flowy blonde hair I had hoped to have when I grew up, I also get to wear a beautiful pink gown just like her. I also have the opportunity to embody the character I loved so much as a child and I get to talk, sing and dance like her too. Being Aurora is a dream come true. Sadly she’s not a very popular character with kids in our area especially because there’s newer characters like Elsa and Anna but when I do get a request to be Sleeping Beauty for a child’s birthday or family event I get so excited.

Over time I’ve accumulated 4 Aurora dresses to be able to offer and cosplay in. My first dress was a theme park inspired pink swirl gown. It’s a different representation than the gown in the movie but I enjoy being able to wear it because I feel just like the real thing! The Aurora performers in the theme parks are always so beautiful. I have an alternative pink gown with a little bit more of an accurate color to the movie. The bodice features a beautiful elegant rose point pattern and the skirt does the most beautiful swooshes and twirls. You might think I’m crazy, but I had to get the same dress but in blue. Although I prefer pink over blue, she does spend more time in her blue dress in the movie. I thought when I got the dress I’d change my mind about preferences because I personally think I look better in blue but my mind did not change, I’m still a solid “Make it pink!” person. The final dress I have for her is her Briar Rose outfit. I was always fond of this outfit too because it’s so simple yet so beautiful. I love the look of the black vest and her taupe colored skirt. It’s got a slight medieval/renaissance feel to it that I really like.

I love the opportunity to create different looks based on the characters I cosplay as. One of the easiest things to do is create a ballerina princess look because all I really have to do is throw on a tutu. My newest favorite thing is creating renaissance takes on different characters. One of my friends, Katy, is also a cosplayer who has she’s introduced me to the fun that can be had at renaissance faires which is what sparked my interest to create the medieval princess looks. Briar Rose was so easy to do because I basically just used the costume pieces I already had, threw on a pair of lace-up boots, pinned up my skirt on one side and changed my shirt to to make it a little different than the exact movie look. So far, it’s my favorite renaissance princess look.

I hope that if I’m ever lucky enough to have a daughter I can introduce her to the stories of my favorite princesses that I enjoyed watching when I was a child. Sleeping Beauty will always top my list of favorites.

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