GCCW SuperFan Introduction: Kat Caraway

Hi! Whether you found me through my social media platforms, know me personally, or saw my featured content of the Gulf Coast CW, I’m so glad you’re here! Here’s a bit of information so you know what this blog and the next couple of blogs will be about: The month of September the Gulf Coast CW network is highlighting me as one of their creative partners, or what they like to call “SuperFans”. CW Star Tori B reached out to me with this awesome opportunity and I didn’t hesitate to jump on board. While I have various blog posts planned for the remainder of the month containing specialized content geared more towards my CW spotlight, today I thought it was appropriate to do a little introduction of myself so you aren’t sitting there wondering “Who even is this girl?” Before I get in to my official introduction, you can check out my featured page on the GCCW’s site here and here.

As I mentioned previously, I have some blog topics already in my drafts I’m working on which will be posted throughout the month of September. These topics will be a bit different from my usual personal and cosplay blog posts but I think you’ll enjoy them! My SuperFan blog topics range from my cosplay journey starting at the beginning, a beginners guide to cosplay with information collected from other cosplay creators, my experience as a GCCW SuperFan and I’m even going to be interviewing other cosplayers to share their stories and insight with you!

I’ve chosen 10 cosplay creators that I personally enjoy following and look to for inspiration for one of my later blogs. As I was reaching out to each cosplayer I thought that it would be perfect for me to include my own answers to the questions I’m asking them as part of my own introduction, but you’ll get a sneak peek of those questions my featured cosplayers will be answering! I’m saving a lot of the in depth information for my upcoming blogs but i’m excited to share with you a little look in to my hobby as a cosplayer.

Without further adieu, introducing myself-

Kat Caraway

Social Media: Instagram: @hermajestykat / @hermajestykatcaraway
TikTok: @hermajestykatcaraway
Location: South Alabama

Q1: How did you get in to Cosplay?: For the longest time I wouldn’t admit that I was a cosplayer because it started with me just being hired to perform for a princess company. I was paid to be characters for kids birthday parties. When I started realizing that I enjoyed doing it outside of the monetary gain I came to terms with the fact that I was, without a doubt, a cosplayer. My first princess gig was a photoshoot in 2015, so I guess you can say that’s when I started to cosplay, because while I knew it was an entry level experience for the job, you could tell I was having so much fun.

Q2: What does Cosplay mean to you?: Cosplay is a form of expression. I was a character performer first so embodying a character and portraying them accurately has always been my goal when putting on a costume and wig so when I cosplay I really enjoy the process of becoming the character. It also puts a smile on my face when people, kids and adults (in a cosplay setting like a con), want to interact with me. While I’m not pressured to BE that character, I’m able to be myself but I can see they really enjoy it when I throw out a tag line, strike a signature pose for a photo or respond as the character would to their questions.

Q3: How do you feel when you Cosplay?: Confident. I love cosplaying characters I think I look similar to. It’s a great feeling when people tell me, “You look just like her!”. It gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment because I try so hard to actually bring these characters to life. I love pushing my own boundaries when I cosplay. When I have a special request for a character booking or if I just want to cosplay a new character I’m almost discouraged before I even start because I think to myself, “There’s no way I’ll be able to pull them off.” Then I’m pleasantly surprised with myself and the outcome! I consider myself to have a pretty plain face with basic facial features that can be molded and sculpted with the right application of makeup. Once the wig and costume goes on I almost don’t recognize myself.

Q4: What’s your favorite Cosplay memory?: I have two! I enjoyed going to my first big con- DragonCon 2019. I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of people attending and how far the con spanned around the downtown area of Atlanta. I got to meet a ton of people that I follow on social media and I received a lot of great compliments on my cosplays! My other favorite memory is going to a local con with my friend and princess company manager, @princesskatycosplay as the ugly step-sisters. At cons it’s not unusual to see the same cosplays everywhere but we were the only step-sisters and the best part was that when people told us they loved our cosplays we would say, in unison, “We knooow” as the step-sisters would and they would crack up laughing. We would ask men if they were eligible bachelors then fight over them, and when we saw princess cosplayers we would ask them if they could clean because we needed a new maid since ours ran off and married a prince. It was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had in costume.

Q5: What are you doing when you aren’t Cosplaying? (Job, hobbies, school etc): I work a regular schedule at my dad’s accounting office. My job is pretty standard, answering phones and handling the calendar, but it provides me with the opportunity to respond quickly to requests for my princess company and run a lot of the social media marketing. On weekends if I’m not princessing at a kid’s birthday party I’m photographing a wedding, family portraits, engagement photos etc. Otherwise in my free time I like to hang out with my husband, he’s a pretty cool guy, and our pets. Our pets have the funniest personalities and between them and my husband I’m always entertained. I enjoy drinking wine and binge watching tv shows while my hands are busy restyling a wig, reorganizing my princess rooms, or cleaning up my house. I also enjoy travelling and I frequently look for opportunities to visit new places. This year, in less than two months alone, I’m adding 3 new states to my “US states I have traveled to” list!

Q6: Do you have a favorite con or event to cosplay at? What is it and why?: I really enjoyed Dragon Con because it was by far the biggest I have been to and I did have a lot of fun, however it was very tiring from all of the walking and I had major FOMO because there was so much I wanted to do but wasn’t able to do so I felt like I missed out on a lot. I think I have to say that my favorite is Pensacon which is about an hour from my home town. It’s larger than my home town con but not too large so I’m able to get a lot done. I always feel fulfilled after Pensacon. I find some great art to add to my collection, I like listening to the celebs at their panels and local cons provide my performers the opportunity to tag along since we don’t have to travel far. I would like to attend D23 in the future because I’m certain it will become my new favorite, I’m all about Disney!

Q7: What is your favorite Cosplay you’ve done? Feel free to talk about why and the process of putting it together.: This is like asking who my favorite character to be is- because each of the characters have such different personalities, I enjoy being a number of them! I have to say that my favorite cosplay, and the one I’m most proud of, is Mary Poppins. I wrote a blog post that goes more into detail on this topic, which you can read here, but to briefly answer this question: I fell in love with playing this character quickly once I got an Amazon dress and added her to our company line up. When I wanted to tackle making a full costume on my own, as I was upgrading other costumes for our company, I decided on Mary, so when I am her I feel accomplished and proud. I created the bodice, skirt and belt and styled the wig myself. She’s also just so fun to be because of her accent, personality and the fun things you can refer to from her story.

Q8: What’s your next Cosplay Project? If you don’t want to share you can just give a hint or vague description.: I have a few costumes I’m working on for my company but my next personal cosplay project is Winifred Sanderson! I have a costume on the way and a wig ready to be styled. Katy has Sarah Sanderson and with Halloween coming up I thought what the heck. Now we just need a Mary!

Q9: Do you have a favorite Cosplayer? Who and Why? (Share their name and social handles if possible!): It’s hard to narrow it down to just one because I find so many cosplayers inspiring! I’ve narrowed down my favorites to a list of 10 who will actually be answering these same questions for an upcoming blog post, so come back in a few weeks to see who my favorites are and to read their answers to these same questions! The blog is set to go live September 23!

Q10: What advice would you give to a new Cosplayer?: Cosplay is for everyone and it should be fun! While cosplay is an investment, don’t compare yourself to others. Do what you can for now and if it’s a hobby you enjoy, work towards what you want! I didn’t buy all this stuff over night and I definitely didn’t start out having high quality stuff. It’s a process, but a fun one, and if you find friends who enjoy cosplay too, do it together! I also have a blog I’m working on that will be a beginner’s guide to cosplay with information and tips I’ve compiled from people in the cosplay community and other outlets like cosplay blogs. This blog is set to go live September 16th, so if you’re a beginner cosplayer you’ll want to check it out! But I want to leave you with this, cosplay for YOU. Do what makes YOU happy.

Check out some of my cosplays!

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