Cosplay Room Tour

My cosplay “closet”, as I’d like to call it, is my creative space. I have two connecting rooms that are dedicated to storing my cosplay costumes, crafting supplies and anything else I might need to express my creativity and get some work done.

Over time my collection has grown so my storage strategies have improved and with that, I’m going to share some of my tips and tricks for maximizing and utilizing space in your creative rooms!

If you’ve watched the tour you’ll know that one of my favorite things is functionality. Having things on wheels or compact storage compartments that also double as a desk or have a top space to stack more items is definitely a reoccurring functionality trick in my cosplay rooms. I have a few drawer storage compartments for accessories in my Cosplay closet that are on wheels so I can roll them in to an open space if I need to get to something behind them. In my makeup room I have the same storage drawers set stationary but I use the space on top to have my organized makeup brushes at the ready when I’m getting in to costume or even doing every day makeup. My costume racks are always on wheels so if I need to clean beneath them I just simply roll them out of the way and roll them right back in place.

If you’re like me and film most of your character videos in whatever available space you have in your home, popping up a backdrop can sound easy but gets annoying when you have to do it multiple times a week. When Coronavirus started to affect my Princess company all services went virtual, meaning I now had to start doing Princess video messages and live calls from home so having to throw up a backdrop every time I had a booking was going to be a lot and leaving it up just wasn’t doable since I use my space for multiple projects, so I moved a few things around to create an empty wall and had my husband install a curtain rod so I could interchange the backdrops and constantly have a backdrop up that wasn’t in the way. Up against the wall I have a large mirror where I can check myself once I’m in costume to make sure everything is in order, then I’m able to drop the curtains to cover the mirror and I’m ready to film.

My makeup room, where I film, has great natural lighting, but if I ever have to film later in the evenings or sometimes at night quality lighting is important, so I usually always have at least one studio lighting stand up and ready but pushed out of the way in to a nook between my desk and wig storage shelves. This space was unused and the light fits perfectly so being able to have that at the ready while also having it conveniently out of the way was important.

For my many characters I have a bunch of accessories. I previously mentioned that I keep the majority of my accessories in storage drawer containers however, having a bunch of accessories thrown in a bucket or drawer can get a little mixed up so I keep everything separated using things like food storage containers. I find containers that fit the accessory perfectly without much additional room is perfect to make sure I’m saving space for other items.

With having a lot of characters I also have a lot of wigs. I happened to score some shelving units from Victoria’s Secret when they remodeled a few years back and these shelves provide so much space for multiple wigs on each level. As an added bonus, there is a cabinet at the bottom of each one that I use for some character shoe overflow as well as garment bag storage. Currently, the top of the shelves is home to my Disney trinkets, but I might need to reconsider their display space as my wig collection is growing so much I’ll need the additional top shelf space to expand.

When I’m structuring the organization of my items in a space I love drawing out the layout of the room with a rough sketch of the items that are going in there, items such as shelving, desks etc. I make a list of the larger items along with measurements, if I can, and puzzle them in to the room drawing with a pencil. This helps me get a visual and an early idea of where everything will go. Doing this helps me avoid getting in a room and moving things around 50 times just to make it all fit.

While I know there are a lot of space maximizing and storage organization for tips out there, especially easily accessible on sites like Pinterest, my cosplay rooms are only temporarily in my home. I’ll be moving in to my new office by the end of 2020 which is a whole space designated for my princess and photography companies. I’ve been able to first hand have a say so in design and structure so I can make sure the space is ready for everything I’ll be moving in so expect an updated tour when I move in!

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